What lengths will we go to ensure your success?

Having our success tied to your success is what makes this opportunity unique. If this tournament is a huge success then we will be able to do many more of these tournaments, making a difference in many places. This means we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your ad campaign is a huge success for you. Not a successful campaign as we have plenty to ensure that already, what we need and want is for your campaign to be a HUGE success and we will work effortlessly to achieve just that.

Part of what makes this such a fantastic advertising program is the recycling of funds. We put your advertising dollars in the hands of the viewers in a way they can only spend it with you. These sales are on top of the success the actual ad campaign generates.

Participation in this program is also helping to bring awareness and funding to stop Domestic Violence. The charity aspect of this program allows for some unique tax advantages and positive publicity.

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