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10 people stand between you and winning a prize

50 people stand between you and winning the Grand Prize

10 people stand between you and chance to own a brand new Chevy Colorado

50 people stand between you and $10,000 in cash

And this is just our beta test. Come to the greatest poker tournaments of all time where the play is completely free and the prizes are the best anywhere.

How can we do this?

We have partnered with some amazing companies to provide poker players with all three things they care about better than anyone has before. These sponsors and advertisers ask only one thing in return and that is for you to pay attention to their ads. We make this easy for you by limiting all the ads to the first 4 rounds of the qualifying game. The actual tournament itself is pure poker with no commercial interruptions. We ask that you not only pay attention to their ads but we would ask that you recognize the value of these advertisers and the benefit they bring to the poker world and show them your loyalty by being their customers as well.

Not only are the prizes world class, but we think our platform is also noteworthy.

The tournament breaks down as follows:


To play in our tournaments you must first qualify. To qualify you sit at a 10 player sit and go and you must finish in the top half. Five from each qualifying game will receive an entry into the tournament. During the first four rounds of the qualifying game you will be playing Limit Holdem and play will be interrupted twice to air a minute long commercial break. At the end of each of the first four rounds there will be a hilarious break while we ask some trivia questions about the commercials you watched earlier. If you get the questions correct you get additional chips added to your chip stack. At the conclusion of round four the rest of the tournament will be No Limit Holdem and commercial free.



The online part is divided into 5 stages. If you defeat 10 other players you will win a stage, receive a prize, and advance to the next stage. If you win stage 5 you win the Beta Test Grand Prize of $10,000. There can be more than one winner.

Once the beta tournament is over we will have a huge tournament where if you defeat 50 other players in a row you qualify for our Finale. The finale will be held in Las Vegas Nevada and you will receive round trip airfare for two so you can bring a guest. The two of you will also receive show tickets to two top shows, $500 in gambling chips, room for two nights, all meals for three days, and transportation to and from the airport in Las Vegas. You will also of course receive your seat in our finale where everyone makes the money. Last place pays $2000 and first place pays $20 Million. The final table will be Nationally Televised and have a world record grand prize.